Monday, September 26, 2011

Tips to Apply Kajal

Tips to Apply Kajal
Women use many pencils, liners and kajal etc. to enhance their eyes. Even in this modern era, kajal is prepared in the traditional way as it not only beautifies your eyes but also said to be a cure for healthy eyes.

In order to have healthy eyes you need to understand Tips to Apply Kajal, Kajal which is made by collecting soot from oil, lamp and mixing it with butter. These days many brands have thrown their own pencils and kajals in market. Here are Tips to Apply Kajal.

The kajal tip for healthy eyes trusts that apply a small moisturizer around the eye in case of dryness.  If it is oily, dab some face powder or wipe off the oil with a tissue. In order to have healthy eyes, very carefully pull down the lower eye lid to expose the inner lid line.

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