Monday, September 26, 2011

Latest Black Net Saree

Latest Black Net Saree
These stones are neither too less nor too much. They are just correct. The stones are of average and little size, spread with calculation throughout the viscose saree. Then the splendor comes at the shoulder of the Saree across the top front. With a lot of bead works a strip of flowery appliqué decorates the saree in the shoulders locality and the pallu.

A large stone embroidered in the center is surrounded by eight black petals. These petals are concentric with a strip of parallel embroidered patches. The petals can also be seven in number and they would have arrow shaped embroidered patches around them. Intricate leaf embroidery in the zari and sequin along with grape like patterns are also found in the Saree.

Bent lines adorn the sides of the plants falling towards the inner direction of the Saree.Also present are stone embroidered buds exploding out of the flower into the border with the grapes sandwiched between. The same design that is found in the front across the shoulder is also found at the tip of the pallu. This project is a surprise on the Black Net Saree and makes one wish to flaunt it in gatherings or cook a reason to wear it.

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