Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tattoo on Chest of Heart

Tattoo on Chest of Heart
When most people think of heart tattoos, they think of the classic red heart with an arrow going through it. Usually this tattoo has a name connected to it in a scroll. Today, the typical heart tattoo is defying the standards and becoming more creative than ever!

Heart tattoos don’t have to be the typical cross design anymore. The most striking tattoo I have ever seen was an anatomically correct heart tattooed on a man’s chest right where his heart was. At first glance, it was so striking because it was the most realistic tattoo I’ve ever seen. It came complete with arteries and veins which added to the intrinsically interesting design.

A tattoo of this character shows how the heart truly is the center of someone’s existence, and crucial to life.If you’re adventurous and biologically driven, an anatomical heart is a unique heart tattoo design that will turn heads.

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