Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Best Banarasi Saree

Best Banarasi Saree
A normal sari takes around 15 days to one month and sometimes six months to complete. However, it all depends on the intricacy of designs and patterns to be created on the sari. Weaving Varanasi saris is a functional art of India, which has been going on for centuries within a great fabric of Indian traditional weavers. Big cities have exclusive banarasi saree stores. Almost all the saree manufacturers in Varanasi are good suppliers of Banarasi sarees 

Traditional designs remain the base appeal for Varanasi sari.
For saree shopping Utsav sarees is the best shop where you can find more then 500 latest Banarasi saree for Banarasi, learn more about Banarasi  hand loom and sari manufactured here.

In the most ancient and sacred city of Varanasi, there thrives an equally ancient tradition. Thousands of weavers are engaged in weaving Banarasi saris… The Varanasi saris gained popularity during the Mughal era. During this period, all art was amalgamated to create a fusion of aesthetics. Persian motifs and Indian designs on silk studded with gold and silver remained the cue of Mughal patronage.

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