Monday, September 5, 2011

Designer Choli

Designer Choli
Prevails in the Indian Fashion. Regardless of this wide available variety the Lehenga Choli has emerged as the second best traditional wear after sari. Lahenga as a dress is extremely easy to carry and is fairly comfortable.

For this reason brides have been choosing Lehenga Choli over Benarasi these days. You can wear the Lehenga Choli to a wedding as well as to parties.
The Lehenga has evolved from the Mughal houses to the ramp. The Indian Lehenga Choli has come a long way from the majestic royal wear to the first choice for the Indian women. The journey of the Lehenga Choli has been an exciting one.

There has been a very minor modification in the present day Lehenga Choli. The designs are still dominated by the Mughal era. The dress consists of a customary long skirt called theLehenga, Choli or the blouse accompanied by a long heavily embroidered dupatta. The fabrics used are mostly silk and brocade. The material of the dupatta is presently being made of silk, linen and sometimes chiffon.

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