Monday, September 5, 2011

Silky Hairstyle

Silky Hairstyle
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Flowing long silky hairstyles is the hot trend for 2011. It is so gorgeously feminine that it is considered to be one of the sexy hairstyles of the year. So the idea is to just let it flow – whether you have a naturally voluminous or straight and sleek hair.

Thick long silky hairstyle fashion 2011 with waves will sizzle; and if you want to get the kind of volume and wave that this silky hairstyle is all about, use very large curlers. Don’t forget, though that you want waves, not curls. The waves you’re looking for are very much like the kind you get if you braid your hair while wet. You allow it to dry and then when you remove the braid, you get perfect uniform waves.

Long, straight and sleek hairstyles and the connotation of smooth and latest silky hairstyle fashion is not such a big issue in 2011. As long as it passes the criteria for sleek, you’ve got style! This look is easily achievable by blow drying the hair straight for a bed head sleek effect or you can follow it up with the use of a flat iron for a super smooth look.

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