Monday, August 29, 2011

Salwar Kameez Fashion

Salwar Kameez Fashion
Each year brings with it new fashion trends and style. As these trends impact the look of other outfits, they influence the design of a Salwars or Churidars as well. In a Salwar Kameez or Churidar Kameez, sleeves are often experimented with. Traditionally, the Kameez featured long sleeves or three quarter sleeves. With time, the sleeve got shorter which resulted in short sleeves and then, finally, into sleeveless Shalwar Kameezs or Churidar Kameezs.

Since many women with conservative tastes might find themselves a bit uncomfortable in a sleeveless Salwar Kameezs or Churidar Kameezs, short sleeves Salwar Kameez or Churidar Kameez have become quite popular since it appeals to most women and majority of women find it most comfortable.

When it comes to Casual Wear Shalwar Kameez or Churidar Kameez, short sleeves are the best option. It becomes highly uncomfortable to go about ones routine work in full sleeves or long sleeves.

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