Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Latest Long Hair Style

Latest Long Hair Style
When women are on the look out for hair styles to copy or imitate, they always look to celebrities for inspiration. And why not, celebrities always come up with fantastic hairstyles either for every day wear or for formal dos or events. Here are some fantastic hairstyles for long hair worn by celebrities. Half up, half down hair of Ashley Judd is great for every day wear or for formal event and the good news is it flatters any hair type.

Here is how to do it.Put back half of the hair using the tip of the eyebrows as guide all the way to the top of the head and fastened it with hairpins for a slack look or with a barrette for a sleek, firm look .Sweep the unfastened hair down one shoulder and sweep short layers of hair or bangs to the side.Celebrities are the best model for hair cuts and hair styles and they never fail to deliver.
These celebrities considered as fashion icons set the trend for hair styles that become the hot and it hair styles for the season.

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