Friday, July 29, 2011

Tiger Tattoos Designs Girls

Tiger Tattoos Designs Girls
Considered to be a combination of beauty and strength. These designs share symbolic aspects mostly associated with Lion Tattoo Designs. In their designs, these Tattoos use tiger, a popular symbol of Eastern world and portrayed as the king of animals in various folk tales and legends.These designs have individual as well as a set of collective meanings and interpretation. Along with the popular symbolism associated with these, you can include your own reason for liking and inking a tiger tattoo.

Some of the most common meanings associated with these designs are, power and might; passion and sensuality; pride and beauty; purity and courage; and cruelty and violence.The Japanese samurais are seen wearing a tiger emblem for a number of specific reasons. Even some cultures believe tigers to be punishing sinners.Specific tattoo tiger designs with tribal themes became fashionable and popular during the last decade of the twentieth century.

But along with the style, you have to consider the special meaning and exact purpose for inking these tattoos.The tattoos are comparatively large and mostly inked on the back rather than on neck. People often ink small sized designs on their arms or legs to symbolize power and strength.

Among various versions of these tattoos the most popular and commonly inked designs contain tribal, white or Siberian tigers.

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