Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Angel Tattoos Desings

Angel Tattoos Desings
The word Angel has a Latin origin, meaning messenger of God. There are three Choirs, or Spheres, each of a different rank and each Choir has three types of Angel Tattoo, each with a different duty. Their main role is to be messengers of God and to watch over us. Other roles involve being guards over the realm between heaven and earth, providing wisdom and good fortune and most notably, protection. They have universal appeal as they are depicted in the Christian, Islamic and Jewish religions, cutting across religious borders. The main types used for Angel Tattoo include guardian angels and fallen Angel Tattoo. I will look at the meaning of each.

Angel Tattoos Desings

It is said that your Guardian Angel Tattoo is with you when you enter into this world, with you when you leave, and guides you through life in between. They are believed to be sent by God to protect mortal individuals during their time on this earth. They are in the form of humans with large wings, depicted as loving and protecting figures. Quite often they are shown in glowing or shining form, floating, looking down, as if watching over someone or something, in a protective manner. Some people wear this body art design to signify the connection with their Guardian Angel Tattoo, or a connection with a higher being.

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