Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to look slimmer !!

  • Choose clothing all in one color to give yourself a long, lean look.

  • Choose the colors of your clothing wisely. Try to wear blacks or stripped clothes. It gives you a slimmer look.

  • In choosing stripes, go for vertical stripes. This will give you taller and leaner look.

  • Avoid too tight or too loose clothing. Too tight clothes will expose your fatty or heavy areas and too loose clothes will make you look even fatter.

  • Wear wide necklines to balance wide bottoms.

  • Choose pants that have narrow or sharpened legs to hide a large midsection. Tight pants will only reveal your heavy and fat buttocks.

  • You can also style your hair to look slimmer. A tight and high pony tail, the deep side part, matting your hair down with gel or mousse may help in a great cause to look thinner and slimmer.

  • The best solution is exercise and work-outs. Nothing can replace these to get slim, fit and healthy.

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